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Do You Sunday Dinner?

May 9, 2014


Sunday can be such a bummer. The work week starts the next day, and it always feels rushed even if it’s lazy. “Oh, I have to get this done today because the weekend is over.” Boo.

A few years ago, I got into making Sunday dinner. There was an issue of Gourmet with a feature menu for Sunday dinner. Like all Gourmet menus, it was complex and would take forever to make, but it was so comforting: meatloaf (still my go to), salad, roasted vegetables, and chocolate cake. Now that I have less time than ever to cook during I’ve become enamored of spending more time cooking on Sunday. The is less of a bummer if there is cake.

Do you do Sunday dinner?

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  1. sue permalink
    May 9, 2014 8:15 pm

    i have weird childhood memories of sunday dinners. my mother was always trying new recipes from the newspaper. some worked, many didn’t. i love the thought and effort though. as for me, sunday dinners are a bit of a bust mostly due to the fact that i work sunday’s. i need more days that are special and family.

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