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We Welcome our Swedish Overlords

April 3, 2014
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Great wall of storage

One of the biggest projects we tackled this winter was finally finishing our “great wall of storage.” The plan was always to cover the long wall of our great room with book shelves and a pantry, but we’d originally wanted to self build them (of course). We planned, we re-planned, we tried to figure out how to do it for cheap but still make it look good. In the end, I just got sick of using the wire shelving rack and single box for most of our food and dishes. Enter: Ikea and the Billy bookcase.





I want you all to know that this house is not staged for photography. Yes, this is actually what it looks like every day. Ahem. The Billy book case is everywhere and has been around for years, but a few details. You can get the bookcases in 11″ or 15″ depths, and they have optional full or half doors. We got the 11″ for the ones we are using as bookcases and the 15″ for the kitchen. They feel nice and sturdy.

There isn’t an Ikea in Missoula, so we got them shipped here. It takes about a month for the shipping, and it costs kind of a lot, but they were super heavy. They had to get delivered to Mr. B’s work since they couldn’t get a semi truck down to our house. One of the glass doors got broken at some point, but it was too much work to ship it back. Luckily, Mr. B is super handy and I really wanted a magnetic surface you can see in the kitchen. Our fridge is wonderful, but you can’t put magnets on the front (who knew?), and I’d been missing having a place to put post cards and pictures. Mr. B got a thin piece of metal and installed it in the door – voila!



I’m sure he’s laugh ruefully if he saw that “voila.” The glass is fully sandwiched into the door, and you have to completely cut out the part of the door holding it in. If the glass hadn’t been smashed, I doubt that my dream of a place to put to-do lists and future kid art would have happened.

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  1. April 3, 2014 7:47 am

    Oh my goodness! It looks so lovely! I can’t wait to see it in person.

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