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I Like Big Purses, and I Cannot Lie

December 18, 2013


So long since the last post! We’ve been wrapped up (consumed) by new parenthood. Weekends are now spent primarily on the couch with Sullivan both loving him and occasionally lamenting our status as parents. Projects around the house have mostly ground to a halt, although we are occasionally squeezing in a few. Later this week I’ll post about the gallery wall we put up several months ago, back before the sleep deprivation really kicked in. In the mean time though, I was so excited about this purse! The excitement was enough to get me back on the blog just so I could share how much I love it.


This is the Go Anywhere bag pattern from Noodlehead. I don’t remember how I found her site, but both her patterns and projects are lovely and inspiring. The instructions and little tips are wonderful. Some people like small purses, but I am not one of them. I am in fact notorious for cramming any bag I have full to the brim. After lusting after a certain leather purse for two years but never being able to justify the cost, I finally decided to make a purse over the summer. It would be perfect – small, but not too small; lots of pockets that were exactly the size I needed; short straps and a cross body strap. I made it and it was perfect, at least until Sully came along. Due to a math error, the purse was too small for the diaper changing mat I made. The short straps held the purse too close to my arm pit for me to use without taking it off (total pain when holding a baby), and if I used the long strap the interior collapsed in on itself. There were only pockets on one side, and that side was never the one facing out. I needed a place to put baby hats and coats, my ring sling, spit rags, and chew toys (the diaper bag was usually full and useless, and often left crammed in the back of the car). When I went to work for the day, I had to bring a tote bag for my lunch and snacks, notebook, hat and gloves. I pretty much spent the last 5 months constantly fighting to put stuff in the bag and then find said stuff again.

Nice and roomy.

Nice and roomy.

This bag though, this bag has it going on. Big enough that I can put all the things in and still be able to move them around. Four pockets! Three on the front and a nice big one on the back. Short arm straps that are still long enough (thanks to the dip in the middle as well as the length) that let the bag stay close to your body while still being long enough for you to open the bag. I made the exterior pockets out of canvas so it will stand up to rough treatment and still be washable, which is important when you absent mindedly  put your “empty” coffee cup in your purse and need to wash the whole thing. The only changes I made to the pattern were to add a zipper pocket to one side of the lining, and to put in a key fob. This is easily the biggest purse I’ve ever owned, but thanks to the shape, exterior pockets, and the lighter colored lining, I have a feeling it will be the most useful.

I’ll leave you with this picture of the cutest baby in the world:


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