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May 22, 2013



Mr. B and his dad started heroically installing steps up to our house over the weekend. Our house sits on a pile of super mud – super dark, super sticky, super everywhere. Walking from the bottom of the hill to the top is enough to coat your entire shoe in a huge wad of mud that you then leave everywhere. I’ve resorted to carrying “town shoes” down to my car just to avoid the embarrassment of leaving a trail of mud (fresh and dried) in every building I enter. Since the house is also on a slope, walking up the hill can be a little dangerous in the winter as well, and it just doesn’t have that “Welcome” feeling you want.

We’re using some of the short logs left over from the old cabin. I love having these logs around! Mr. B and his dad cut in holes for each log to sit in, then laid weed mat under the entire “stair case”. We’re using pea gravel to fill it all in. Even halfway done, it already feels so much nicer, and our shoes are staying cleaner (we’re getting lots of rain right now).


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  1. mike gibson permalink
    May 22, 2013 11:01 am

    I think it is a Y-linked trait, “playing in the mud”. Males seem well-adapted to this. Kudos to Mr. B. for moving that painfully heavy gravel. Really does look nicer and will remove a few hundred pounds of mud from the living room. CHeers.

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