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May 18, 2013



Things are only a problem if they bother you. While this sounds like the kind of thing Mr. B would say to me when the cat pees in the tub again, I think it is actually from one of those baby training books. How did I become a person reading baby books? Anyway, I was thinking yesterday when I was throwing grass seed around like a wood nymph. It’s been a few weeks since Shorty finished the excavation, and I had the best intentions to do things like pick up all the random wood, find our grass seeder, and weed whip the existing grass. Then it started raining, and I decided it was better to just put seeds out there then wait and watch all the weeds grow back. I threw grass seeds around with abandon, including on top of wood and in a puddle, but at least it is out there. So what if our future lawn is full of wood, and there are so many random divots you will never be able to use a lawn mower. It’s only a problem if it bothers me. At least this way there might be grass and not mud, and that can only be a good thing.

In other news:

1) It is supposed to rain all weekend, so I might go randomly toss our cover crop on the ground.

2) Mr. B is building a kitchen island that is strong enough to butcher a pig on.

3) Mr. B’s parents are in town for the weekend.

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