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New Hoop house – Pt. 3 (finale)

April 30, 2013

Ta da!

The final product! Another upgrade over hoop house 1.o was the purchase of actual greenhouse film. It is the same thickness (6 mil.) as the plastic we bought at Home Depot last year, comes in a shorter roll, and is more expensive than the big box stuff. It is worth it though – look how clear it is! I don’t know if my heater is working better or if this plastic is more heat holding, but this hoop house is easier to heat at night as well.


The plastic is all one piece from one end to the other. We attached it to the frame with screws and furring strips (thin pieces of wood), both for ease and hopefully to make it easier to replace in the future. You can see the 2 x 6 we attached to the metal frame to allow the side plastic to roll up a few feet. The bottom of the plastic is sandwiched between two furring strips to assist in rolling/give it some weight.

It is super windy at our property though, so the furring strips aren’t enough to keep the side flaps down. Mr. B built these contraptions to hold the sides down and close to the side of the frame. The top screw/bolt holds the whole thing in place and the correct orientation, and the bottom one holds down the side flap. We’ve been having some high gust days already and these have worked really well. I might add some clamps to hold the flap to the frame more tightly, but it doesn’t seem like wind is an issue.


I have a few temporary benches set up right now just to get the plants out of the house. Eventually, I’d like to have bench space along one side and one back wall, or both side walls. I’m also planning to clear out the grass and weeds this spring so I can use this space over the summer. The plants were pretty sun starved by the time I put them out here (damn you, low-e windows and roof overhang!), but they are perking up nicely. I have about a month until the tomatoes and peppers hit their planting date, and I’m hoping they really take off now.

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