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You Should be Eating Pie

April 25, 2013

Can we all agree that pie is the greatest dessert? We sure think so. A few thoughts on its greatness:

1) Basically guaranteed to have the ingredients on hand (or remember what they are at the grocery store).


Flour, sugar, water, butter, fruit. So simple. You probably have at least 80% of those ingredients right now, and if you don’t, I bet you can remember what they are when you are standing in the store. You know what I never have? Whatever you need to make cookies or cake. Eggs and milk are pre-claimed for meals in our house hold, and little things like cocoa powder, dried fruit, nuts, oatmeal, and chocolate chips just disappear.

I made a pie this weekend as an excuse to use my contraband rhubarb. You can’t get rhubarb in Missoula right now for love or money, but I brought some back from Portland JUST FOR PIE. It was scrutinized by airport security, but it made an excellent pie. No strawberries needed. Really though, can you think of any other dessert that you can put so many things in? Fruit, citrus fruit, tubers, squash, meat, molasses…you name it, there is a pie recipe out there with it as an ingredient.

2) You are the boss.

Normally, he’s the boss:

But when you make pie, you are the boss. There is something so totally satisfying about cutting the butter into the flour,  and rolling out the dough. Imagine the satisfaction after a long day when you roll out a crust that is bigger than the pie pan and somewhat circular (I enjoy simple pleasures).


I’m the boss of this crust.

3) Pie is beautiful and complete.


Cookies are delicious but plain. Cakes need frosting or glaze or whip cream. Ice cream needs to be scooped artfully into a dish or cone. Pie just needs 4 to 6 steam vents. No one will ever say that their pie is too dry (especially if you forget to add some flour or cornstarch). You can skip the egg wash and fancy cut outs. Just leave that baby out and steaming on the counter like the platonic ideal of pie.

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  1. sue permalink
    April 25, 2013 12:08 pm

    yum! i do have to say, though, a sandwich cookie is pretty darn good too.

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