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Weekend Update

September 24, 2012

Readers – Technically, this is a week + weekend update, but the majority of the work happened this weekend. Let’s check in our to-do list. We haven’t done any work on the exterior of the house, the floors, or the general interior of the house (to do list items 1, 3, and 4), but we have done a lot on the interior.

2) Paint the interior of the house – SO MUCH PROGRESS!!

  •           Figure out some way to fill the random gaps between the plaster and drywall. – DONE

  • Tape off all windows, outlets, bathtubs – anything we don’t want covered in primer. – DONE

We used this great roller that attaches tape to plastic that folds out to various widths. People keeping track will note that this is the second time we’ve covered the windows. Last time, we taped the edges of the windows, put up a strip of paper, and then taped plastic to the paper. While we were plastering though, the weight of the plaster ripped the plastic and paper off the windows. Basically, we were trying to do what we just did – easily cover the windows.

  • Prime the walls (and figure out how to use a paint sprayer). – DONE

This is the plaster sprayer we rented from a local paint company. Mr. B didn’t want to take it back this morning – it made it possible for the two of us to paint and prime most of the house this weekend. The $120 we spent to rent it was totally worth it. I think it looks like a little dog, which just lends to my warm feelings towards the machine.

I want to paint it white.

It’s hard to tell, but this is a picture of the primed guest room.

  • Paint the walls.  – MOSTLY DONE!

As of this morning, we are done painting the great room, both of the bathrooms, and all of the ceilings (thank you paint sprayer). We are 50% done painting my office, the back entry way, and the bedrooms. We are 0% done painting the entry way which is full of stuff we didn’t want painted and couldn’t put outside. It is really impossible to take a normal looking picture inside the house right now – between the tarps outside and the plastic on the windows, the only light source we have is a shop light and the pictures I took just look kind of crazy. But, I couldn’t NOT show something for this momentous occasion. Just take my word that the paint looks really nice in person, and I’ll add more later.

The great room went from this:

To this (we picked Sherwin Williams Banana Cream, really hard to see in this photo):

We painted the bathrooms a warm peachy color (SW Delicious Melon cut with a lot of white paint). Originally, I thought of doing a light color (maybe even white), but I read that north facing rooms will always look dark or dingy when you paint them light colors because of the light. Since these bathrooms are small and dark anyways, I wanted to paint them a warm glow-y color, and I feel like I succeeded. Mr. B even likes it, which is amazing (maybe he just didn’t want to paint them again). This color is gray: sometimes it looks almost yellow, and in other lights really dark peach.

James and the giant peach (bathroom)

Whew. We’re going to finish painting the rooms tonight, and I’ll try to take better pictures. It is so nice to finally be doing something we know how to do. Even though we did two 12 hour paint days and were beat at the end, painting just lacked that mentally exhausting element we’ve been fighting the rest of the job.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Beth permalink
    September 24, 2012 11:36 am

    It looks so warm and inviting! Just in time for winter.

  2. Seattle S permalink
    September 27, 2012 8:41 pm

    I own one of those little dogs; yes they are great; and Looking Great!!
    Mr. Seattle S

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