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September 13, 2012

Pretty much from the first minute we started working on the house, people have been asking us when we’re going to move in. I’ve made some fantastically inaccurate predictions (I initially thought we’d be in the house last winter) because it is just really hard to guess. It is also hard to convey to people how much we have left to do. We can say the big stuff (finish plaster, finish floors), or we can give them the minutia and watch their eyes glaze over. Since I think we are, maybe, really getting close to moving in though, I wanted to lay all the tasks on the table. I’ll keep you updated as we check the tasks off, and it will be inspirational for all of us.

1) Exterior of the house

Technically, we don’t have to finish the exterior of the house to move in, but we are facing a temperature-induced time crunch on this job.

  1. Choose  and order exterior color (see our color choices here).
  2. Apply final coat of plaster!

2) Paint the interior of the house (this is a big one)

  1. Figure out some way to fill the random gaps between the plaster and drywall.
  2. Tape off all windows, outlets, bathtubs – anything we don’t want covered in primer.
  3. Prime the walls (and figure out how to use a paint sprayer).
  4. Paint the walls. We already bought the paint during a Sherwin Williams 30% off paint sale.

3) Finish the floors. I can’t even find a picture of the floors, but they are filthy. We are planning to have stained and sealed exposed concrete floors.

  1. Clean all of the plaster, sawdust, random grease and dirt off floors.
  2. Fix cracks in the concrete.
  3. Clean the floors again.
  4. Stain floors (we’re planning to use Soycrete concrete stain).
  5. Grout control joints so I don’t spend the next 60 years cleaning them out.
  6. Seal floor (we’re planning to use Acrisoy penetrating sealer).

4) General move-in stuff.

  1. Install toilette. This deserves to be in bold since it’s the reason we haven’t moved in already.
  2. Install the lights so we don’t have to live with a shop light as our only light source.
  3. Get our couch, bed frame, table and chairs out of storage.
  4. Hook up the stove and refrigerator.
  5. Move all of the stuff we need out of the camper!

Phew. Now we’re all on the same page. Our current goal is to be in the house by November. Ideally, we’ll have the house painted in the next two weeks, just in time to do the color coat on the exterior plaster.

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  1. Beth permalink
    September 13, 2012 7:43 am

    Oh my god, I’m exhausted reading this. Let’s have a drink.

  2. mike permalink
    September 13, 2012 8:16 am

    Lex, count me in for any help with the rest of plaster AND painting. It is sick on my part, but I find painting very peaceful and relaxing, especially with walkman in position and good music.

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