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More Plastering Pictures

August 22, 2012

Mr. B feels like it isn’t fair that he is usually the only “model” on this blog. Well, turnabout is fair play, and he took pictures of the rest of us working this weekend. This is also a good chance to show some of our plaster set up.

Hey, Dad!

This is our plaster center out in front of the house. We had the sand pile delivered near the plaster pile, and then we set up the concrete mixer and hose in the same spot. We have also started to set up tarps around the outside of the house – the NHL plaster needs to be protected from wind and sun for several days, so we’ll be working under the tarps. They also provide a nice spot to sit when it gets really hot.

For the north and south side of the house, we are using the scaffold and a ladder to reach the top. It seems really rickety when you first climb on, but it is way more convenient than climbing up and down a ladder. We ended up covering the top with tar paper to protect the wood and assist in clean up later on. Tar paper is pretty much a plasterer’s best friend – you can easily scoop dropped plaster off of it, and nothing soaks through it. We aren’t going to able to spray the NHL plaster, so we did the north side by hand. On the one hand, troweling by hand is a pain; the exterior of the house is really not flat, and there are many areas where you have to push plaster into divots behind the mesh (it doesn’t want to stay). Plastering by hand is also just plain tiring and blister-inducing (for some of us). On the other hand, compared to spraying, hand troweling is a lot cleaner/easier to control, and you are cutting the plaster application down to one step. The plaster sprayer leaves high and low spots that we had to go back and smooth out and fill in. I should say that you can spray NHL plaster, but our sprayer/air compressor doesn’t work. We talked to St. Astier (plaster producer) and they said we were better off just using the trowel rather than trying to find a mix that would spray with our equipment. They told us that they prefer to apply the plaster by hand!

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  1. Mr. S permalink
    August 24, 2012 8:59 am

    Who is that studly male model? Could that be the master plaster Mr. Alex?
    More photo’s of the finished outside walls.
    Are you on schedule to finish before the weather sets in?
    Mr. Seatte S

    • August 24, 2012 9:04 am

      So far we don’t have any finished outside walls, but I promise to put up pictures as they are done. Hard to say with the weather – we have to finish before night time temps drop below 40, which means we have a tight month to do the work.

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