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Plaster is in the House

June 8, 2012

 I really wanted to say “plaster is in DA house,” but I don’t think my writing voice can handle it. Well, I said it anyway. That is just the kind of morning it is.

To the main event! We successfully, and relatively painlessly, moved all 120 bags of interior plaster last night!

We lucked out to have four extra people come give us a hand, as well as the offer of a big truck and trailer to move all the plaster. Many thanks, Mr. R, Mr. N, Mr. T, and Mrs. M!

Men at Work

The bags weren’t well sealed, so after a few minutes we were all covered in gypsum. Why yes, I was working in a pair of jeans I had just washed that afternoon.

In the end, it only took around half an hour to physically move all of the plaster. What was that adage about many hands making light work? Mr. B said we spent more time having a beer afterwards than we did working, which is how it should be. Tonight: 4 pallets, fewer bags, but 77 pounds instead of 50. Luckily, all these people are still willing to help us out again.

And, we’re done.

 OK, after the photo caption, I just can’t resist: go watch this video for your Friday procrastination.

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  1. sue permalink
    June 8, 2012 8:42 am

    love it that everything went so well and so quickly. let “da” plastering olympic games begin!

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