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May 8, 2012

Readers – You know how I know it has been a long time since I posted? When Mr. B tells me I need to put up a post. I think he looks at this blog about once a month, probably just to make sure I’m not being libelous. At any rate, we’ve been making progress but not the really photogenic kind.

Mr. B finished all our plumbing! We have largely ignored this momentous occasion because we’ve been focusing on the garden. And to answer your question: no, we haven’t put the toilet in yet.

Finished plumbing and electrical in the bathroom.

The plumbing marks the end of the interior construction phase, so we took a few days to really clean the place up. All of the straw bales are finally out of the house, the tools have been corralled into the tool box, and I even vacuumed the straw up from along the wall edges.

Clean house!

Mr. B’s newest creation.

Spring is springing and the property is starting to look pretty again. There were times this winter when I wondered what we had gotten into, and then I see this and it is all worth it.

We’re taking some time off from the house to build a deer fence around the garden. Mr. B is giving this fence the same attention as any other project, which means I’ll curse him for how long it takes to build and then thank him for how solid it is in the end. Actually, it is going pretty quickly: We put in 1/2 of the t-posts (20) in an hour. We borrowed a post hole auger for the wooden corner posts, which will save a lot of time and our personal ability to lift over five pounds.

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