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Let the Plumbing Begin

April 9, 2012

Readers – The long haul to get the electrical and framing done is finally over. Sort of. We are still waiting to get our final electrical and framing inspection done, but during the county’s last visit they assured us that we would pass once we fixed a few things. Done and done. With that over, Mr. B moved on to plumbing. Hooray! This is the last big step before we can cover the walls.

As you might remember, we originally put place holders onto the floor before the concrete was poured. The first step was removing these from around the toilette, tub, sink area, washer drain, and near the hot water heater.

As with all big projects in our house, starting the plumbing also involved spending a lot of time in our local stores. We got called “the people in the boots” by a random guy due to our ubiquitous Muck boots.

Most of the plumbing work took place in our crawl space. Mr. B sacrificed his body, spending three days in a three-foot tall space. He also sacrificed his nose: working on the plumbing meant having the main line open that runs into our septic tank, leading to a house full of methane (and other unmentionable) fumes.


Mr. B made a big push and finished all of the crawl space work over the weekend. That means we move onto finishing the venting this week. If I’m lucky, it doesn’t rain, and we get the equipment in time, we’ll also be breaking ground on garden soon!

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