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Winter Decided to Show Up

January 18, 2012



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We got 4 inches of snow last night and the weather forecasters predict another 7 – 10 inches in the next 24 hours. I can’t get a picture though, since the snow started after dark and it is still dark here at 6:54 am. Mr. B is out plowing with the tractor this morning putting our tractor headlights and our neighbor’s snow plow attachment to the test.

A few weeks ago, it was 50 and sunny. I was (and still sort of am) over winter and ready for spring and summer. Some people might argue that those are just extensions of winter here in Montana where we can get snow every month of the year, but they are still warmer and greener seasons than winter. Our radiant floor heat is getting a work-out and holding up well, although our last power bill was still astronomically high. One problem that no one ever talks about with bales is that A LOT of air can move through the gaps between the bales. This might be because most people build and plaster in the summer/fall, or because they don’t start heating the house until their plaster is up. I went around this weekend and filled most of the biggest gaps with foam filler, but you can still feel the wind blowing when you stand next to a wall.

Winter is a celebrated season here in Montana. Everyone skiis, snowboards, snowshoes, ice fishes, ice sculpts (maybe?), or generally enjoys sitting inside playing cards and drinking whiskey. While I love all those things, I’m still dreaming of summer. Here’s a quote to get us all in the mood for what could be a long winter:

Once in the 40s

William Stafford

We were alone one night on a long

road in Montana. This was in winter, a big

night, far to the stars. We had hitched,

my wife and I, and left our ride at

a crossing to go on. Tired and cold — but

brave — we trudged along. This, we said,

was our life, watched over, allowed to go

where we wanted. We said we’d come back some time

when we got rich. We’d leave the others and find

a night like this, whatever we had to give,

and no matter how far, to be so happy again.

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  1. nwdirect permalink
    February 18, 2012 6:43 pm

    OH! that’s such a great poem.

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