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A Quietly Productive Weekend

October 24, 2011

We had one of those weekends that shouldn’t have been productive but ended up being incredibly satisfying. So nice. It shouldn’t have been productive because we broke our normal schedule – no work on Friday night, worked from 11 – 6 on Saturday (after Mr. B fixed our camper’s plumbing), and then from 11 – 7 on Sunday. Despite the limited (ha!) work schedule though, things just seemed to go pretty well, no major problems until we tried to put the front door in, but that was the last task on Sunday.

We finished the bump outs and finally finished installing 100% of the windows, including the drip edge over the window and flashing around the windows.

Thursday afternoon

Saturday afternoon

I was surprised to look up and notice that it is full on fall. This tree didn’t photograph very well, but it is an electric shade of yellow. Most of the cottonwoods on the property have turned yellow, and some of the larches up in the forest are starting to turn as well.

When did that happen?

We also finished filling and straightening one gable end, and FINALLY finished the lower bale walls. They are 100% in place, straightened and smoothed. All that is left to do is fill holes on the exterior and cut in the electrical. We have been focusing on boxing in the house so we can turn on some heat ASAP, so the bale meshing and covering will go on the back-burner for awhile.

Shorty promises to be out at the property today running electrical and water up to the house. He’s been having ongoing mechanical problems that pushed that project back a few weeks. I’m excited that a driveway is in our near future. The current driveway area is a mud wallow that my Subaru is having a hard time getting across. I guess that could be a good excuse not to come into the lab 🙂

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  1. Mike Gibson permalink
    October 24, 2011 7:57 am

    Bump outs and the rest of the place look wonderful. Just astounding what you two have been able to do. I know Tempe had a “paw” in all of this so give her a special treat too!

  2. marie permalink
    October 24, 2011 10:12 am

    Wow. This is amazing.

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