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Roofing Continues

August 12, 2011

Readers – This week’s posting delay was brought to you by my inability to keep track of the camera. I managed to lose it twice during the week (on the building site) and earlier today. I’m thinking about spray painting the case with the bright pink marking paint now that I found it again.

Quick recap: family here, family gone (again). It stopped raining in the afternoons and we finally got the trusses on the roof. Fiddly work ensued – more on the roof later. We started framing the windows and sheathing the roof, and the house is finally starting to feel like a house instead of a platform. I’m enjoying standing next to the windows and imagining the future views we’ll have from them.

Yeah, that's me.

I’d like to say in advance that watching people do roofing inspires lots of upward shots. The bonus is that everyone looks pretty awesome from that angle.

Mr. B and Mr. X


Last truss!


Mr. M (aka Younger Brother)


First row of sheathing

Unlike the floor, the first row of roof sheathing went on quickly and without any fuss. All the squaring and intensive measuring payed off (thanks, Mr. B). It was just Mr. B, Mom Jones, Mr. M and me putting on the sheathing without the aid of a fork lift or excavator to lift things up. Mr. M made a valiant effort to personally lift the sheets up but promptly injured his shoulder. As an alternative, Mr. B built the contraption below. Mom Jones and I lifted the sheets up to the middle stop and then pushed them the rest of the way up to the men. It worked surprisingly well and was constructed with wood we already had around.

X marks the spot

Our engineer is requiring us to install four 12-guage (1/8 inch) steel strapping Xs on each of the sides of the house. Because our posts are further apart than normal, and because we aren’t sheeting the house in plywood, she felt we needed something to keep the house frame from twisting. We will also be adding welded wire mesh to the inside and outside of the house, sewn to the bales ala Andrew Morrison, but this is extra protection.

Mudroom window


I realize that the posts have been picture heavy lately. When I started this blog, I really wanted to create a step-by-step recording of our building process, as well as a general blog about the mental/physical process of building a house. To correct the imbalance, I’ll be doing posts on planning a passive solar house, and also roofing for a strawbale house.

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  1. sue permalink
    August 12, 2011 11:22 am

    i can’t believe how quickly everything is progressing. it looks amazing, and mr. b is a magician when it comes to improvising. what a great crew.

  2. September 2, 2011 10:03 am

    Good points

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