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Some Concrete Progress

July 1, 2011

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. They poured the rest of the foundation walls yesterday, so we officially have a foundation! The process:



Walls and forms


We’re all signed off and ready to start framing the floor. The supplies are being delivered this afternoon sometime and be waiting when we get home. While Mr. B and I originally planned to spend the entire weekend framing, we ended up buying the bales for the house and need to pick them up. We are hoping to be baling in August, but most straw suppliers around here run out of bales in  the early summer and don’t have them available until late August/early September. The man we talked to said he would sell us the bales for $2 a piece to make room for his hay, but the catch is that we have to pick them all up. We’ll be spending most of Saturday driving and moving bales, but at least we’ll be ready to bale later this summer.

I also wanted to post some pictures of our creek. It looked like this last time I put up pictures:

Now it looks like this:

Quiet the change. We can actually get to the other field now, and in a few weeks there probably won’t be enough water to make it over the dam and into the little creek.

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