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Weekend Recap

June 20, 2011

What a weekend. Mr. B and I really pushed ourselves, and it was sooo worth it. Check it out:


Fawn near building site

The glory of big equipment

Moving good wood

Good news: we have a septic system, power, and water now! Shorty is also making an RV hookup for our camper, which will make our camper-life easier. This means we are finally able to move out the property, probably tomorrow once the mud dries up. I was looking at the schedule we wrote back in May (before closing) and realized that we are about 3 weeks behind. Everyone told us that the utilities would take 2 days, tops. Between weather, scheduling conflicts, and mishaps, they only just finished this week. The formula for work is apparently: time you think it will take x 3 (this works for cost as well).


Sorry for all the excavator pictures. Shorty is letting us use his excavator at night/weekend, and I honestly think Mr. B would have killed himself through physical exertion if we didn’t have one. There was so much wood and trash and steel, all of which we had to move off the hill. There was still a lot to move by hand, and we are hand stacking the good wood in piles. We are both so sore it is ridiculous.

"The Foreman"

The really great news (I saved this for the end): we are ready for Shorty to start excavating the foundation!! We staid out until 8 last night getting as much broken wood, shingles, concrete and other trash off the hill, and then staked the foundation out (oooo). It is amazing that so much work went into making nothing, as in a clean slate. Once Shorty does his thing we’ll be able to have the foundation poured. There is a chance (fingers and toes crossed) that we could have a finished foundation by early next week. Mr. B and I are looking forward to a week of less grueling labour, maybe a night off, although my garden still needs a lot of work….

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  1. June 20, 2011 2:20 pm

    3x time and money is a pretty good thing to figure out this early in the game 🙂 Hope it works out. Give each other massages tonight when you make it home to bed.

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