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What a Busy Week

May 26, 2011

Time has come somewhat unhinged for me of late. I printed and stapled a document yesterday and then five minutes later thought I hadn’t even printed it. When I saw it sitting on my desk I couldn’t remember even hitting “print.” The days are getting long, with daylight going past 9 pm. It is a good thing we don’t live further north where they have days that are almost all day, otherwise we might never sleep, just take scrap metal to the recycling center for days. Mr. B and I have been out at the property almost every day and eating dinner around 9 most nights. So much has been happening but it still feels like nothing is happening because most things are out of our hands.

What we’ve been doing…

1) We put in a shed:


2) We started to deconstruct the old house on the property. Please note (if you can’t tell) that this house was completely unlivable and a danger. I still felt bad when it got knocked over though.





It looks bigger knocked over somehow. Mr. B and I are going to start really deconstructing this over the weekend, both by hand and machine. We’re hoping to salvage the larger beams and the metal roofing.

3) The septic started going in:

We were initially committed to having composting toilets and a grey water system in the house, but the county requires all houses to have a septic system or connection to a sewer. Since we had to pay to put this in, we’ll probably use it. I still want to have some kind of grey water to water plants around the house, but in Montana (where we have a five month growing season) having a septic for winter is important.

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