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You Spoiled Montanans

May 19, 2011

Mom Gibson recently forwarded me this comment from a family friend (who lives out of the country) about pictures of our property:

“This is real wild and wilderness. “

I think it is easy in Montana (or most of the US) to forget how undeveloped most of the country still is, especially compared to many European countries. I frequently lament that the days of exploration and wildness are over, even when I know that the life of a pioneer was in many ways truly horrible. We may not have the highest percentage of public lands, but we do have one of the lowest population densities in the country. This gives most of the state (even the cities) a feeling of openness and wilderness. According to the National Center for Frontier Communities, Montana has 133, 133 sq. mi of frontier, the third highest in the country. Although Missoula and Missoula county probably do not fall into this category, in some ways this makes Mr. B and I frontiersmen (women).

In honor of our upcoming life as domesticators, here are some pictures of the wilderness we’ve enjoyed over the years:

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