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A Special Mother’s Day Gift Edition

May 4, 2011

I’ve seen several other lists for Mother’s Day gifts floating around the internet, so I’ve decided to put together a list for the self-sufficient-minded mother (although this is a list mostly of things to buy).

1. Original Maine Garden Hod – Johnny’s SeedsDidn’t your mother always ask you to not bring mud in the house? Even if your mother is the one who usually brings the mud in from the garden, this great basket serves double duty as a harvest basket and convenient way to wash off produce outside.

2. Statement T-shirt

Plenticulture offers a variety of gardening/farming t-shirts, including he classic “Vote with  your fork.” Depending on your mom’s sense of humor, there are also shirts that say “Eat me: I’m organic and local,” and “farmers make better lovers.”

3. The Crone’s Gazette – Two Frog Home

A new offering from Kathie at Two Frog Home. The Crone’s Gazette will be a quarterly electronic magazine featuring seasonal wisdom from a variety of contributors (maybe your mom could submit something?). Articles will focus on “ideas that teach and inspire our readers to do-it-themselves.  We want articles that focus on living a life made from one’s own hands with a frugal and simple focus.  We know our readers embrace a self-sufficient and simple lifestyle and we aim to help them achieve their goals while also becoming a part of our larger community.”

4. Muck Boots

Mr. B gave me my first pair of Muck Chore boots a few years ago, and I’ve been a convert ever since. Not only are the boots comfortable, but they are also warm and tall enough to wear during Montana winters (I’ve worn these ice fishing and been comfortable). The Muck Boot company tries to appeal to all customers by offering their shoes in a variety of styles and also colors. Some shoes only come in women’s sizes, so I guess they figure that men aren’t interested in flowered garden clogs.

5. Just do something nice

Your mother brought you into this world and you can’t weed her garden for her? Spend the day helping her get seeds started, share that last jar of your pickled asparagus, clean out her chicken coop – just spend some time with your mom if you are lucky enough to live close together.

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