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Has “Homestead” Become Meaningless?

April 27, 2011

I am a little obsessed with trying to find my blog on Google and get a real thrill every time it pops up. One of the search words I use is “modern homestead,” and I’ve noticed that some strange things pop up. Here is an example from a website called Spectacular Spaces:

Their website says, “This third design trend from Sphere Trending gives your collectibles or “almost” antiques a completely new look. Think: earth tones, pale neutrals, American woods, craftsman accessories, denim, wheat, nutmeg,  indigo, cream caramel, native American design, denim blues, dusty olive and charcoal, burlap, denim blues, bronze, vintage woods, hand-scraped, cut-outs, burnishing and honed surfaces, tapered shapes.”

I also recently read (although this news came out awhile ago) that the Dervaes family trademarked “Urban Homestead.”

This leads me to ask: has the word homestead lost all meaning? Is this the new version of Goth or cowboy, a lifestyle turned into a fashion statement or money ploy? Many of the skills used for leading a more self sufficient life (canning, knitting, making furniture) have hit the main stream. While this is great for those of us who didn’t grow up learning these skills, it has turned these skills and those who use them into caricatures. Sometimes I feel like using the phrase “homestead” or saying you do XYZ opens you up for a version of “Did You Read?

Leave a comment about what you think being a homesteader means, especially in a world that wants to commercialize or trend everything.

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