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Town vs. Country

April 25, 2011

I know that I promised to write about designing and building your own house, but it is Monday and rainy. Mr. B, my mom and I spent the entire weekend moving and packing and cleaning. The house is starting to look empty, especially without any art on the walls. It’s funny how certain things make a house feel like your house, and for me that is artwork and a giant stack of fabric. While I am 100% happy about buying the property and moving out there, the rain has me feeling a little melancholy. I think that it is important to spend some time missing what is gone, so in honor of that feeling I present the top things I will miss about living in Missoula proper.

1. Walking and biking

Since I moved to Missoula eight years ago, I have lived within easy walking and biking distance of nearly everything I wanted to do.  I love being able to work at home in the morning and bike to work in time for classes, or wander downtown for dinner and drinks. Mr. B and I usually bike from our house to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday in the summer. Missoula is the kind of town where you can easily walk or bike most anywhere, especially if you don’t mind inclement weather. The property is 20 minutes from downtown by car, so Mr. B and I will be carpooling into town every day.

2. Missoula Public LibraryThis is sort of a cheat because the library isn’t going anywhere. Ever since I was born, I have lived no more than 15 minutes (walking) away from a library. Before I started having summer jobs, I would spend hours sitting in the library reading travel books and then meander back home reading a new book while walking. Although I will still be able to go to the library whenever I want, there is something wonderful about being able to walk over on whim without thinking about gas, time, traffic, or parking.  If you check out as many books as I do though, having a car can really save your shoulder.

3. Missoula beer

This stems out of not being able to walk around as well. In the eight years I’ve lived in Missoula, I have lived near Missoula beer for seven of them.  Right now we live next to the Northside Kettlehouse and within an easy bike from Bayern. If walking to the library and perusing books for hours is one kind of pleasure, walking/biking to the brewery and spending hours there with your friends and then eating Pagoda is another kind of pleasure.

Good by, short distances.

I’d love to see some comments about what you would need to give up if you got something else you really wanted.

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  1. Rita permalink
    April 26, 2011 8:34 am

    Thoughtful post, there are plusses and minuses to everything.
    It is great to be in walking/biking distance. I still miss the Woodstock neighborhood, most everything was within a 5 block radius.

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